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Verse: Original fiction.



Full Name: Isaac Simmons

Pronunciation: Eye-Sack Simm-ons

Nickname/Alias: I, Isaac.

Meaning: Laughter

Origin: It fit the character very well. 

Title: Master

Pet Name: Izzy (long story XD)

ID Number:N/A

Signature: (What is their handwriting like?) God awful XD


Gender: Male

Gender Role: Acts more feminine.

Orientation: Straight.

Real Age: 16-18

Age Appearance: 14

Birthday: 2nd June

Deathday: N/A

Birthplace: Wordsley Hospital


Immediate Family: Father (Derrick) Sister (Isabella)

Distant Family:Mother (unnamed)

Parenting: Very strict, Derrick didn’t want to make the same mistakes his parents did.

Upbringing: No real morals taught, he came up with his own at a young age. 

Infancy: Dropped like a hot stone by Mother. Father kept him and his twin sister very much a secret.

Childhood: His childhood consisted largely of worry, constantly being afraid of being taken by the police whenever Derrick went out.

Adolescence: At age 14 he met Mary for the first time along with her brother (Jason). From 15 onwards he was pretty much a member of their family. At age 16, he was attacked by a gang on his own doorstep, breaking his arm severely enough that years later he still takes painkillers. 

Adulthood: N/A

Coming of Age: See age 16

Evolution: Isaac is no longer the paranoid child he was, deciding now that whatever happens, happens and nothing he can do can stop it. However, he still very much looks after his sister.


Species: Human

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Blood Type: O

Preferred Hand: right handed.

Facial Type: Oval

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Varies, naturally black, though he dyes it blonde occasionally.

Hairstyle: Messy, not into haircuts.

Makeup: N/A

Body Type: NECROMORPH! XD Short Ectomorph

Build: Long legs, shorter torso, rather thin.

Height: (In inches) About 5’8”

Weight: (In pounds) 70

Cup Size: N/A

Facial Hair: N/A

Shoe Size: UK 7/8

Birthmarks/scars: N/A

Distinguishing Features: Constant use of painkillers.


Health: Pretty much non existent.

Energy: See above.

Memory: Remembers the bad things pretty well, good things… not so much.

Senses: `average

Allergies: N/A

Handicaps: Arm

Medication: Painkillers

Phobias: Death

Addictions: Drugs

Mental Disorders: N/A so far.


Style: Just whatever’s confortable

Mode of Dress: messy

Grooming: see above

Posture: upright.

Gait: Quick walking.

Coordination: Also non existent

Habits and Mannerisms: (Any nervous ticks or unconscious habits?) Tends to be protective of people he knows.

Scent: Verily, roses in the park.


Mood: Depends on the person.

Attitude: See above

Stability: Quite stable mentally.

Expressiveness: Tends to keep emotions to himself.

When Happy: Smiles…

When Depressed: Listens to music

When Angry: Shouts.

Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.


Current Residence: House on hill, near the rough area of London.

Community: Really, really bad. Almost constant crimes.

Family: Father, sister. 

Friends: Jason, Mary

Enemies: Everyone else,

Bosses: N/A

Followers: N/A yet

Heroes: Ianto.

Rivals: As of yet, no body.

Pets/Familiars: N/A 


Wardrobe: Jeans, short/long sleeved unmarked/unlabeled shirts of pretty much any colour.

Equipment: Phone.

Accessories: N/A

Trinkets: Ring.

Funds: Never more than £100 on hand.

Home: A three bedroomed detached house in a fictional part of London, it still has rooms that Isaac hasn’t explored due to his father wanting to keep them hidden. The overall look of the house is ‘traditional’ with very few things making it unique in the area.

Neighborhood: The houses around Isaac’s home are all pretty much the same.

Transportation: Walks

License Plate Number: N/A Doesn’t drive yet.

Collections: N/A

Most valuable possession: Ring (see above)

Prized Possession: *shrug


Lovers: Mary :D

Marital Status: Taken.

Type: I honestly don’t know XD

Turn-Ons: Honesty… That count?

Turn Offs: Violence

Position: I don’t know XD lets wait a couple of years for them to be age appropriate.

Plays: N/A for reason above.

Fetishes: N/A for obvious reasons (like there’s no way in hell I’m writing anything like that.)

Virginity: Virgin.


Occupation: student

Work Ethnic: Pretty good.

Rank: N/A

Income: Couple of pounds a week.

Wealth Status: Middle class.

Experience: N/A

Organizations/Affiliations: N/A


IQ: Average.

Education: Pretty decent.

School: Average type building.

Grade: Mostly as and bs

Special Education: N/A

Social Stereotype: Borderline goth

Degrees: N/A hasn’t got that far.

Intelligence: Logical.

Extracurricular Activities: N/A


Religion: Atheist

Morals: Normal law-abiding things…

Crime Record: None.

Motivation: Threat to self or family.

Priorities: 1) Life

 2) Family and friends.

 3) Food

Philosophy: Idek

Political Party: Not voting yet.

Etiquette: Good manners to most people, not so much to people who he doesn’t like.

Traditions: Birthdays, Sunday lunch.

Superstitions: Ladders.


Main Goal:

Minor Goals/Ambitions:

Career: Police!

Desires: Changing all the time.

Accomplishments: As yet, nothing big.

Greatest Achievement: Actually asking Mary out.

Biggest Failure: … people would think that it was ‘being born’.

Secrets: he has a slight obsession with fire, (worried about being judged)

Regrets: Never learning any kind of self-defense until it was too late.

Worries: Death… that count?

Best Dream: Achieving everything he wants to in life.  

Worst Nightmare: Torture, or something painful and drawn out.

Best Memories: few and far between

Worst Memories: Besides the obvious?


Hobbies/Interests: Going out with friends.

Skills/Talents: …

Likes: Honesty, people who won’t hurt each other.

Dislikes: People who will.

Sense of Humor: sarcastic.

Pet Peeves: Tapping.

Superstitions/Beliefs: N/A

Dreams/Nightmares: School… sounds boring but isn’t.

Quirks: sways slightly when he walks. 

Savvy: *shrug

Can't understand: Obsessions


Strengths: Calm under pressure.

Flaws: Prefers to lie than tell somebody something that might effect someone else.

Perception: Negative.

Instincts: Defend people at risk.

Lures: Helplessness.

Soft Spot: See above.

Cruel Streak: When he sees the chance to manipulate somebody to get his own way, he most likely will.


Powers/Abilities: N/A

Origin: N/A

Source: N/A

Ability: N/A

Weaknesses: N/A

Immunities: N/A

Restrictions: N/A

Alternate Forms: N/A

Extra Anatomy: N/A


Favorite Colors: Purple

Favorite Animals: Wolf

Favorite Mythological Creatures: Elves

Favorite Places: Anywhere.

Favorite Landmarks: Eiffel Tower 

Favorite Flavors: Chocolate.

Favorite Foods: Apple.

Favorite Drinks: Cola!

Favorite Characters: *shrug

Favorite Genre: horror

Favorite Books: The Feed, Deadline, Blackout series whose name I don’t remember. 

Favorite Movies:  Alien

Favorite Games: N/A

Favorite Shows: N/A

Favorite Music: N/A

Favorite Bands: N/A

Favorite Songs: N/A

Favorite Sports: N/A

Favorite Stores: N/A

Favorite Subjects: English, Maths

Favorite Numbers: 14

Favorite Websites: N/A

Favorite Words: Honestly?

Favorite Quotations: N/A


Least Favorite Colors: Pink and baby blue.

Least Favorite Animals: Any kind of snake

Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: Cyclops

Least Favorite Places: N/A

Favorite Landmarks: N/A

Least Favorite Flavors: Sour

Least Favorite Foods: Rare steak

Least Favorite Drinks: Pink lemonade (because yuk)

Least Favorite Characters: *shrug

Least Favorite Genre: Adventure

Least Favorite Books: N/A

Least Favorite Movies:  “

Least Favorite Games: “

Least Favorite Shows: “

Least Favorite Music: “

Least Favorite Bands:”

Least Favorite Songs: “

Least Favorite Sports: “

Least Favorite Stores: “

Least Favorite Subjects: P.E

Least Favorite Numbers: 3

Least Favorite Websites: N/A

Least Favorite Words: Anything that isn’t actually a word.

Least Favorite Quotations: N/A


Languages: English

Accent: No obvious.

Voice: Regular teenaged male.

Speech Impediments: N/A

Greetings and Farewells: “Hi” “see you” Varies on occasion.

State of Mind: Negative.

Compliment: No.

Insult: …

Expletive: Uses all.

Laughter: How do you describe a laugh? Hahahaha?

Tag Line: “sigh”

Signature Quote: I have yet to think of something.


Reputation: The general public don’t care unless you give them something to care about. I haven’t.

First Impressions: I personally would think he was basically me. That being where his personality was based on (lightly)

Stranger Impressions: ‘He sounds like fun (!)’

Friendly Impressions: ‘Meh’

Insults: ‘Self centered, egotistical’


Character Sheet © Character-Resource

I just had this, and since I was bored, I filled it in. 
MysticMcR Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
A virgin character?
Now that's rare XD In this day and age at least. 
Lollingatdis Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Lollingatdis Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I appear to have put this in the wrong category XD 
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